About Eastern Palm University

About us

Eastern Palm University is the first Nigerian Public/Private Partnership University established by Imo state law No. 13 of 2016. The university is located in a well-known serene environment and small business community of Ogboko in Ideato South L.G.A. of Imo state Nigeria.

The university was licensed by the National Universities Commission (NUC ) in 2016. Its aim is to be a world class university anchored on excellence and research needs of all relevant persons, irrespective of gender , nationality, religion or political conviction.

The Eastern Palm Universiy (EPU) plans to offer unique university education that equips students with contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist in solving problems of the society.

In addition to meeting the regulatory requirements of the ational Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria and other nation and international accreditation bodies, Eastern Palm University will adhere to global best practices in university education, and its practices will be anchored on excellence, relevance and character.

Why choose EPU

The EPU will expose its students to courses in physical sciences, biological sciences , social sciences, management sciences, entrepreneurship, industrial experience, public speaking, medical science, law, community services and the use of technology, among others.

Eastern Palm University will engage in excellnt teaching, research and community services activities that help in solving many problems confronting our country and world.

Our Vision

To nurture and sustain the culture of best practices in teaching and learning methods, research and demonstration, skill and technological innovation in order to produce job creators for the global economy.

Our Mission

Eastern Palm University is dedicated to the training of its students to become professionally competent and confident graduates with exquisite dexterity. Consequently, the curricular involve intensive teaching and extensive practical training in various course of studies of the institution. The training of confident and competent graduates capable of working on their own instead of the current dependence on government employment constitute the focal points of the University.

Our Story

The story of Eastern Palm University is rooted in the desire to create our own institution to serve the intellectual, educational and research needs of our community, Nigeria and the world at large.

Go Beyond the major

Today’s students need more than a traditional degree. Our students go into the workforce better prepared, with expertise outside of their major, by taking advantage of opportunities such as certificates in entrepreneurship.

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