A: Visit the EPU Application website

A: EPU will email you a confirmation that we received your application. Check the email address account you included on your EPU Application. Once we receive your application, you will be asked to log in to our campus application portal, apply.epu.edu.ng, to see the status of your application. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email from EPU by February 21st, please contact the EPU Admissions at +2347010915099, or email: admissions@epu.edu.ng


  1. You would be requested to create an account on the application portal prior to submitting your application form. The application portal can be reached using the “apply now” button or using the link sent on your confirmation email. This email will have your username, which is the email you used on your UC application.
  2. Every time you come back to the admissions portal, you will need only the password you created and your email address.

*If you forget your password, click on “Forgot your Password?” and follow the prompts. 

A: Please do not send documents or other information to EPU unless requested. If we need more information from an applicant, we will contact you. Most students give us enough information in their applications for us to make a sound decision. After admission decisions are posted on our campus application portal, each admitted student will see their own Conditions of Admission explaining exactly what official documents EPU requires.


A: If the student is invited to submit letters of recommendation, one letter must be written by a teacher or instructor. The second letter can be written by anyone the student selects, ideally someone who knows them well and can speak to one or more of the characteristics above. Letters from the applicant’s immediate family or relatives are discouraged in our process.

A: All letters must be submitted electronically. No letters in the mail or by courier will be accepted. Invited applicants will identify letter writers via a link sent to them. If you are invited to submit up to two letters of recommendation, you will be emailed instructions to log in. Once in the portal, below the checklist, you’ll see a link that takes you to a recommendations page. Once there, you’ll see a button that reads, “Add Recommender.” Click there and follow the instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for letters of recommendation WILL NOT be found within the EPU application, which opens December 27th. The request will be delivered to your email as a supplemental request. Additionally, Eastern Palm does not use letters through the Naviance system; please ensure that all letters of recommendation are submitted through Eastern Palm’s online recommendation system.

A: All letters will be due by 11:59 p.m. on March 27. After this date, it is not guaranteed that a letter can be read as a part of the application review.

A: We will request letters from some students if, after we initially review their applications, we feel additional information would be helpful in our selection process. Only a fraction of applicants will be selected to submit letters, and they can choose to submit letters or not to do so. Not doing so will not negatively impact the review.


A: To change a major/college/school in your submitted Berkeley application, please submit your request using the email address admissions@epu.edu.ng. You can expect a decision via email within five to seven days. NOTE: No new major changes will be considered after February 27th, 2021.

A: Visit EPU Application and log in. Then, click on the Update Account Information link. You may change your personal information there, and the Admissions Office will send an update to every campus to which you have applied. You can also call the EPU Application Center at +234701 091 5099, or email: admissions@epu.edu.ng 

A: Out of fairness to all applicants, only changes in critical information may be made to UC application data. This includes personal information, release authorizations, and some exam updates. To make changes to critical information, please log into Application or contact the Application Center. If you contact the Application Center, please make sure to include your name and your Application ID number. Making these critical changes to your application will update the information for all of the UC campuses you applied to.

Please note that changes to your courses, grades, exams, activities, awards, volunteer work, employment, or personal insight questions are not guaranteed to reach us before your application is reviewed. However, minor changes are unlikely to have an impact on your admission decision.

EPU Admissions
+234701 091 5099


A: Please login to your application portal. Once logged in, under “Account Tools” towards the bottom of the page, click on “Withdraw Application” and follow the prompts. 

A: No, we will not accept late applications. 


A: Foreign candidates need not bother about the Jamb requirement. Upon acceptance, the Eastern Palm University shall send a list of all fresh foreign candidates to State JAMB office with a letter of indemnity. Upon resumption, foreign candidates will be required to fill an e-form only available at the State Jamb Office.